Volunteers Around the World Medical/Dental Outreach Program


Volunteers Around the World are looking to bring a Medical and/or Dental Outreach chapter to Hunter College university and need team leaders to do so!

The team leaders would be in charge of recruiting students as volunteers and fundraise money for the clinics, allowing everyone to receive shadowing and community service hours when they travel to one of our many global locations for two weeks during a summer, winter, or spring break.

Medical Outreach Chapters can expect to practice taking blood pressure readings, BMI, blood sugar levels, and other vital statistics from patients. They will also be shadowing doctors and working in the pharmacy. Dental Outreach Chapters will be assisting dentists with procedures like extractions, fillings, cleanings, sealing and more. Our current global sites are: Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic, Peru, and Albania.

You will be traveling with doctors we have hired in country and a trusted VAW liaison. This is a paid internship. VAW is also looking to hire Team Leaders for the current school year, also a paid position.

If you seek more information, please do not hesitate to contact GWSC by email to refer you to VAW's volunteer coordinator.

Feel free to peruse VAW's website as well http://www.volunteersaroundtheworld.org



Today at the GWSC meeting!

Today during the GWSC meeting we discussed the topic of gender violence in the work space, academia & home.  Right now all across South America and Europe women are protesting gender violence & stigma. As these are very prominent issues; we are showing our support for women across the globe and in Latin America! #VivasNosQueremos #NiUnaMenos (Not one less- meaning, not one more woman lost to gender violence) more information click here.