Hunter STEM Scholarships

This page features current scholarships at Hunter that are available to students in STEM. These scholarships are currently open and accepting applicants. This page changes based on current application cycles for varying programs.


The Graduate Student Association is pleased to provide funding for graduate students at Hunter college who are engaged or involved with research. GSA research award helps defer the cost of expenses toward research, conference, or travel in regards to field work or data collection. GSA seeks to support deserving graduate students who are engaged with research in their field of study. 

dEAN OF arts & Science

The Dean of Arts & Science offers two scholarships for Hunter Graduate students. Student may receive up to $500 for MA Thesis grant and a Travel Award for students presenting at conferences. Application deadlines for Fall semester Oct. 19th for Spring semester Feb. 28th. Click link for more information. 

gsa travel award

The Graduate Student Assocaition offers a travel award to students who are presenting research at academic or professional conferences. The travel award is to help defer the cost of conference travel and ranges from $300-500 dollars. This scholarship is offered in both fall/spring semesters. Click link to learn more.